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Laros by Prisma Electronics at 2nd ISEMMS workshop

Laros by Prisma Electronics invite you to the 2nd ISEMMS project event, a full-day workshop about lowering ship energy consumption & maintenance costs towards business sustainability, through Key Performance Indicators, KPIs. The workshop will take place on 6th of February at Lloyd's Register Headquarters in London, UK.

The ISEMMS project partners, within the context of Innovate UK framework, have been working towards deployment of digital technology using reliable Big Data, to enable a smart and a more cost effective decision making approach for shipping operators and operations.

The theme of the workshop will focus Meaningful KPIs - Predictive Maintenance Models and Practices Today. During the workshop specialist speakers from academia and industry will cover aspects of current practice and a new generation of such data-enabled systems, as well as ISEMMS project objectives and activities covering:

    • The scope and objectives of KPIs.
    • Performance through Data Collection.
    • Ship system Optimal Reliability and Maintenance Management and more.
    • Predictive Maintenance Models.
    • Best Practices Today.

The workshop will take place in the "Board Room" of Lloyds register of limited capacity so for planning & security reason, RSVP.
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